About Nelson Architecture

Street: 205 Lakeview Drive, Kenora, ON P9N 0E8
Mailing: PO Box 1470, Kenora, ON P9N 3X7
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NELSON ARCHITECTURE INC. is a multidisciplinary architectural firm located in Kenora, Ontario, Canada, offering comprehensive architectural and planning services throughout Northwestern Ontario. Our location in Kenora facilitates faster and more direct responses to project issues during both design and construction periods. Our location enables and encourages frequent face-to-face communications and facilitates the development of a strong project team. Most importantly, it has enabled us to be fully immersed in the specific geo-cultural issues of Northwestern Ontario.

Nelson Architecture can be characterized by a wide range of expertise on many building types, from single family dwellings to large institutional and industrial projects. Each project presents an opportunity with our clientele to “build a better mousetrap” within the framework of their individual program and processes.

Nelson Architecture is dedicated to the collaborative team approach. We have worked successfully on a number of projects in Northwestern Ontario, each project demonstrating the dividends from capitalizing on the strength of each team member. The collaborative team approach allows groups of smaller firms to “right size” for individual projects and utilize the resources and expertise necessary for each individual project. More than ever, the collaborative team approach is necessary as environmental energy sustainability issues demand a more varied skill-set and integrated approach to building design.

We are a firm committed to design quality and value. All buildings that Nelson Architecture is involved with try to address the unique qualities of the biophysical and sociocultural context in which they are built. Design is much more than a “styling exercise”. We are concerned not just with how buildings look, but how they behave. Buildings need to be environment machines, and to achieve this demands more from the practice and its process than ever before.

We are committed to “Sustainable Design” standards in the selection of materials, the development of the building form, and selection of building systems. We encourage a process which would explore alternatives leading to a healthier, more efficient, and more environmentally responsible development. Sustainable development addresses reduced operating expenditures for energy, reduced operation and maintenance costs, personnel expenditure reductions, and reduced costs for managing change. While there are a number of rating systems to use today as indicators of a building sustainability, we generally utilize a pragmatic approach to best match building technologies with the goals and means of the project.

Nelson Architecture is highly automated in all aspects of our architectural service. All documentation of any particular project utilizes multiple software packages to enhance the quality of visualization, the accuracy of drawings and the flow of paperwork. Increasingly important is the computer-aided-drawings potential to allow follow-on facilities management by the client. In addition to providing complete pre-construction and construction services, Nelson Architecture can provide complete post-construction services which may aid the client in the management of any new or existing facility.